2004-2005 Season


Summer 2004

Proof by David Auburn

Directed by Daniel Inouye

Archive Show: Proof (2004)


Art by Yasmina Riza

Translated by Christopher Hampton

Directed by Meredith Sutton

Archive Show: Art (2004)


Fall 2004

The Clearing by Helen Edmundson

Directed by Chris Cragin Day

Archive Show: The Clearing (2004)


Quilters by Molly Newman and Barbara Damashek

Directed by Steven Pounders

Archive Show: Quilters (2004)


Flight by Arthur Giron

Directed by Steven Day

Archive Show: Flight (2004)

Spring 2005

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Directed by Lisa Denman

Archive Show: As You Like It (2005)


Kindertransport by Diane Samuels

Directed by Marion Castleberry

Archive Show: Kindertransport (2005)