Helpful Hints for Performance Auditions

  • Dress and present yourself in a professional manner.
  • Observe all time limits.
  • "Slate" with your name, the title of your audition pieces, and the character you will be portraying as an introduction. No other information is needed.
  • All audition pieces must be memorized.
  • Choose monologues from published plays. Avoid self-written works, teleplays, or screenplays.
  • Avoid audition pieces that require an accent.
  • Avoid monologues with telephone calls.
  • Avoid playing profile. Place your imaginary acting partner directly above or adjacent to the heads of the auditors/camera.
  • Be prepared to repeat your monologue, with changes, after direction is given.
  • Pick audition pieces appropriate to your age and emotional range.
  • Avoid overacting and/or overly dramatic material.
  • Remember that sexually explicit or socially offensive material usually works against an auditioner.
  • Do not apologize or make excuses for your work.
  • Do not choose a "signature song" (a song that is strongly associated with a particular performer) or songs that are overdone.
  • Pre-recorded musical accompaniment is preferred, but a cappella auditions are acceptable.
  • Keep your audition simple and honest.
  • Avoid elaborate staging, properties, and/or costuming in your audition. Keep it simple and let us focus on your acting skill.