Auditions & Interviews

Audition & Interview Advice

Prescreening audition materials (monologues, songs, resume, etc.) will be submitted as part of the application to Baylor University.  As soon as you finish your application, be sure to set up your goBAYLOR account.  You will then be prompted to upload you audition materials to your Portfolio.  The audition/materials will be reviewed and successful applicants will be invited for a virtual audition/interview.  Alternatively, you may audition at one of the collective auditions.

Students interested in performance or theatre studies will submit a prescreening audition or alternatively be seen at a collective audition.  Auditions on campus are by invitation only.

  • Your audition will consist of two contrasting monologues; each monologue should be one minute in length or less. There are a variety of ways that these monologues may contrast: perhaps one is classical while the other contemporary, or perhaps one is dramatic while the other is comedic.

  • If you feel that singing is a strength, you may also sing a selection (16 bars or about one minute) from a musical; but a song is not required, and you should not include a song in your audition if singing is not your strength.  If you are interested in the musical theatre concentration, two songs are required.

Students interested in theatre design and technology will upload a portfolio of their work.

  • A portfolio is simply a visual representation of your past work in theatre or related artistic endeavors.

  • A portfolio could be a digital notebook, a website, or a collection of renderings, pictures or other artistic pieces.

Students selected through the prescreening process will be invited to a virtual audition/interview with the Theatre Arts faculty.

  • This is a chance for the faculty to get to know you better. You may be asked to talk about your goals, your additional interests, or your past experiences.

  • Remember that the faculty are interested in students who view theatre holistically; so tell us about your related theatre interests. If you are a performer, tell us if you have ever designed or constructed a costume or set. If you are a designer, tell us if you have ever performed. Tell us if you have served as a stage manager or assistant stage manager. Tell us if you have dance experience. All students should be able to talk about their favorite dramatic literature: the plays they have read and seen.

  • This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions of the faculty, though this is not required.