Sarah Mosher

Sarah Mosher
Costume Design
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Sarah Mosher holds an MFA in Theatrical Design from University of Texas at Austin and a BA in Theatre from Seattle Pacific University. She serves as an Assistant Professor of Costume Design and Technology.

Sarah Mosher is a theatre designer specializing in costume design and technology. She has an interest in universal design and design systems, cultivating design thinking in students, and engaging with questions about design lifecycles across disciplines. She has a passion for costume history, specifically the impact on society and reflection of the values of each time and place. The critical area of sustainability in the textile and clothing industry and the exploration of how to apply this thinking to theatrical construction is a key interest.With a dual background in design and construction, Sarah has experience in fabric dying and painting, lace making, wig making, pattern drafting and draping, and advanced construction techniques, as well as costume and fashion rendering and design process navigation.

She has worked professionally as a costume designer for theatre, opera, film, and dance since 2001. Her work has encompassed interdisciplinary devised work and she has a passion for the dramaturgical work inherent in theatrical design.  Sarah owned and served as the principle designer for a Seattle based custom garment company, Zeita Studios, where she applied dramaturgy and design thinking to the stories her clients shared, making garments that speak to the heart of each person’s story.

Sarah is a member of USITT (United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc.) and Costume Society of America.