Study Abroad

Every two years, the Department of Theatre Arts sponsors a European study abroad experience. Each trip has included long stays in England or France seeing productions at world-renowned theatres such as the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the National Theatre in London, and the Comedie Francaise in Paris. Other countries visited have included Italy, Greece, Belgium, and Ireland. In addition to historic and contemporary theatres, students visit important cultural sites, museums, and parks.

Courses Offered:

Two 3-hour upper level courses offered, both count toward BFA or BA Theatre degrees.

  • THEA 3304 Playwright Study
  • THEA 3333 Theatre in Cultural Context.

If you are interested, email the Baylor Theatre Abroad director Stan Denman, or drop by Hooper-Schaefer 131 (the Theatre Arts main office) to add your name to the information list.