BFA Design and Technology

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Design and Technology is a professional degree offered for students intending to pursue a career in the theatre or a related field following graduation. The degree is appropriate preparation for those planning to seek admission to a graduate program in theatre design or technology. The BFA Theatre Design and Technology curriculum provides holistic training in all aspects of theatre arts with an added primary focus on design with the ability to develop special proficiency in at least one area.

The Baylor Department of Theatre Arts has the following major goals for students in the BFA Theatre Design and Technology program:

  • To gain comprehensive experience of the collaborative work and artistry required to create a theatrical production
  • To acquire a useful and detailed knowledge of theatre history and dramatic literature
  • To develop skills in play analysis and an understanding of dramatic theory to inform artistic choice
  • To demonstrate informed and articulate skills of critique when offering value judgments about theatrical and dramatic work
  • To develop techniques for the effective drawing, rendering, and modeling of theatre designs utilizing both traditional drafting methods and computer-aided tools
  • To acquire a useful and detailed knowledge in either the history of costume or décor as a background for creating theatre designs for plays from a variety historical periods and styles
  • To gain advanced techniques and experience in three of the following four specialized theatre design areas:
    • Costume Design
    • Scene Design
    • Lighting Design
    • Sound Design
  • To develop business skills for the profession including a design portfolio, a rendering and process presentation, a professional website, interviewing experience, and an understanding of the function of theatrical unions, agents, and producing organizations