Mission of Department

The Mission of Baylor University

is to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and Christian commitment within a caring community.

The Mission of the Department of Theatre Arts

is to nurture a close-knit community of intellectually-curious and artistically-daring theatre practitioners while preparing students for future success through liberal arts education and professional training.

  • We form a community whose complex, diverse, and sometimes provocative discussions of faith enrich the art we produce.
  • We cultivate a caring, student-centered faculty who are professionally-engaged outside the university.
  • We nurture, mentor, and invest in students' whole lives.
  • We value a disciplined work ethic and personal integrity.
  • We develop original artistic voices-writers, directors, designers, actors.
  • We emphasize the historical, literary, and cultural context of theatre.
  • We engage in an active, ambitious, and rigorous production program.
  • We train students to be nationally-competitive by equipping them with practical professional knowledge and critical thinking skills.
  • We strive for Christian ethics of respect, generosity, love, and mutual support while challenging the mind, body, and spirit.

The Vision of the Department of Theatre Arts is inextricably connected to Baylor's ambitious Pro Futuris Vision. Whereas the undergraduate program in the theatre arts now stands as one of the top ranked programs in the United States, the theatre arts faculty envisions Baylor Theatre as being one of the leading academic theatre institutions in the country, in both graduate and undergraduate theatre training. The theatre arts faculty and staff are committed to the students, to the university, and to the worthiness of reaching this vision without surrendering its foundational beliefs in scholarship and artistry enriched faith.