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Reservations for Non-Baylor Events

Reservations for events sponsored and funded by an organization other than Baylor University

If you wish to reserve a space for your event at the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Building, Cook Performance Complex, please click here for a ...

Printable Reservation Form

... which you can print and send by mail or deliver to the Department of Theatre. Should you require additional information please contact:

The Department of Theatre Arts
One Bear Place #97262
Waco, TX 76798

Phone: (254) 710-1861
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Please Note the Following Charges and Prior Notice Requirements:

A general use fee is charged for each space reserved.


  • $200/day for a standard lecture/meeting setup. Includes lectern, chairs, standard lighting in front of the main drapery.
  • $600/day minimum for a basic production setup. Includes lighting for a full stage general wash, and sound support.


  • $100/day for a standard classroom.

Dance Studio:

  • $200/day. Dance floor restrictions:--NO furniture,food/drinks. Dance shoes Only.

Additional fees may apply.

For any event requiring labor to run lighting and sound for the event or to accommodate other special technical needs, charges will apply.

For any event held after regular business hours, the requesting organization is responsible for payment for a minimum of one (1) staff member to be on hand to supervise and assist the event.

Students working the event will be paid by the organization requesting the event.

If the event requires extraordinary labor expenses to clean the space before and after the event, the organization will be charged an additional hourly rate equal to the current housekeeping labor scale charged to departments.

The requesting organization will be invoiced after the event. Please contact Mrs. Renee Cluke for additional information about billing.

Fees Subject to Change Without Notice

Additional Requirements

The requesting organization MUST contact the Baylor Conference and Events Management Office at 254-710-4105 to receive approval through that office. Please note that all events must be approved by both Baylor Theatre Department and Baylor Conference and Events Management Office:

Baylor Conference and Events Management Website

Please Note

  • The Department of Theatre Arts is unable to provide tables and has a very limited number of chairs available. Please contact the Physical Plant for these items.
  • The requesting organization must meet with a representative of the Theatre Arts Department a minimum of two weeks before the event to complete any paperwork and confirm technical/staff needs.