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At the height of WWII, a small manufacturing business run by Joe Keller and his partner Steve Deever worked around the clock to deliver key airplane parts for the war effort. Years later, the guilt, blame, and dark secrets of a fateful mistake are still tearing apart the Keller and Deever families. Don't miss the celebrated drama that first established Arthur Miller as one of America's most important plawrights.

November 27-December 1 at 7:30 pm

December 2 at 2:00 pm

The Jones Theatre

A thesis production in partial fulfillment of the M.F.A. degree in directing.

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Graham Northrup

Joe Keller Michael Summers
Kate Keller Victoria Eisele
Chris Keller Joe Shovak
Ann Deever Cassie Bann
George Deever Sky Bennett
Dr. Jim Bayliss Noel Collins
Sue Bayliss Liz Krudewig
Frank Lubey Justin Locklear
Lydia Adria McCauley
Bert Alex Good-Suhm

Student Production Staff
Stage Manager Shelly Rodriguez
Costume Designer Taylor Kulhanek
Lighting Designer Kirstin Hodges
Sound Designer Amanda Wray
Make-up Designer Michelle James
Assistant Technical Director Tyler Lea

Faculty Production Staff
Set Designer Adrienne Harper
Technical Director Mike Schmalz