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Facility Reservation

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The Department of Theatre Arts hosts several University sponsored events such as lectures and meetings during the year. You may reserve a space in our building for your activity when spaces are available and when they are appropriate for the event. The spaces, located in the Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Building, Cook Performance Complex for Academic Theatre, are: (click each to see a ground plan)

Each year we receive numerous requests to use our facilities. While we try to accommodate as many as possible, we cannot approve all requests. To insure full consideration please allow thirty days for our response.

Spaces are Reserved using the following Policy:

  • Only University sponsored events will be held in the theatres;
  • Only theatre faculty, staff and students are allowed to run theatre equipment;
  • Theatre personnel must be present at all events; therefore, a consideration of their availability is a factor in determining approval of a request;
  • One-day or partial-day events are given preference to multi-day events;
  • Multi-day events are limited to three days

If you wish to reserve a space for your event please select one of the following options:

Baylor Events
Reservations for events sponsored and funded by Baylor University
Non-Baylor Events
Reservations for events sponsored and funded by an organization other than Baylor University

For additional information or questions, please contact:

The Department of Theatre Arts
One Bear Place #97262
Waco, TX 76798

Phone: (254) 710-1861