Good News

By Laurence Schwab, B. G. De Sylva, and Frank Mendel
Words and Music by De Sylva, Brown, and Henderson
Adapted by Gary Marshall

Directed by Deborah Mogford

Musical Direction by Leta Horan
Choreography by Jerry Maclauchlin

October 17-26, 1997
Jones Theatre

9798 Good News (1)
9798 Good News (2)
9798 Good News (3)
9798 Good News (4)

Professor Charles Kenyon
Summerlee Staten
Coach Bill Johnson
Phil Warner
Pooch Kearney
Kris Harrison
Bobby Randall
Kelly Parker
Babe O'Day
Elisabeth Kelley Moneyhun
Tom Marlowe
Tim Taylor
Constance Lane
Jennifer Meyer
Scott R. Baker
Pat Bingham
Elizabeth Van Winkle
Beef Saunders
Allen Reeves Ware
Derek Phillips
Bess Worley
Kendall Cockrell
Kristi Rowan
Betsy Fagan
Jeremy Barber
Clint Biggerstaff
Justin Cerne
Tim Elswick
Haley Fuller
Miles M. Hamm
Kim Harbus
Chrissy Huth
Stephanie Laughter
Jodi Ann McLaughlin
Anne E. Patton
Tom Parr, IV
Clint Smith
Lyndsay Sweeney
Stephanie Wells

Faculty Production Staff
Scene Design
Costume Design
Light Design
Terry Price

Student Production Staff
Stage Manager
Kathleen Reeves
Mike Schraeder
Assistant Stage Manager
Barbara Bouman
Assistant Director
Irene Oliver