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Student Society

The Baylor University Theatre Student Society (B.U.T.S.S.) was founded by the DRUIDS in 1992 and revised in 1998. It was then created to strengthen cameraderie between theatre students and to aid in the recruitment of incoming students interested in the Baylor Theatre program. Since then the society has only grown and developed into a full-functioning well-oiled social machine. The department took over recruitment entirely in 2001, and since then the society has been able to focus more on the needs of the current student body. The mission of the Baylor University Student Society is as follows:
    "The mission of the Baylor University Theatre Student Society is to foster unity within the department of theatre arts, provide opportunities for members to interact outside the theatre through social and service events, and to encourage greater involvement of its members in the Baylor and greater Waco community. "
      The society is made up of three different committees: �
      • Uber Crew- Organizes fundraising, social activities, publicity and overall service and betterment for our Student Society within the department.
      • T-Shirts / Concessions- Handles the ordering of T-Shirts and selling of concessions at all mainstage performances.
      • Banquet- Organizes our Fall Christmas Banquet and the Spring Farewell Banquet.

      The Druids

      If you have any questions about Baylor University Theatre Student Society please check us out on Facebook!
      Or please feel free to email our current President, Garrett Williams or Vice President, Patrick Hill.