• Map the Meal Gap - a county by county breakdown of the entire United States listing food insecurity rates, cost of a meal, financial resources needed to close the meal gap, and other relevant information. Released March 2011
  • Food Stamped - a documentary about a family attempting to eat a healthy and well-balanced diet on a food stamps budget.
  • FRAC (Food Research and Action Center) Data - Statistics, trends, and comparative analysis of poverty, hunger, and food program participation rates in the United States.
  • The State of Texas Children - a county by county breakdown of relevant data including nutrition, education, violence, and economic security.


  • Sweet Charity, Janet Poppendieck
  • All You Can Eat, Joel Berg
  • American Dream, Jason DeParle
  • Nickeled and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich
  • The Third Freedom, George McGovern



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