Day Camper Information

  1. Day campers are required to check in at registration Sunday between 4:00-5:00p.m. Dinner is not provided on Sunday and campers should be dressed and prepared to hit at 5:30 pm for the evaluation session.
  2. Campers will be supervised at all times. A counselor will be at the Baylor Tennis Center at 7:45 am. Upon arrival, camper must check with the counselor supervising day campers. Day campers need to present by 8:00 am.
  3. Day camper sessions conclude after the final on court session Sunday-Wednesday. Night sessions include a team competition and 3 sites will be used during this time. Therefore pick-up sites will be different each night. A schedule of the team competition will be made on Monday afternoon and will be distributed. Please call Jacqui at (254) 710-4659 for any questions.
    • Sunday-Wednesday:----8:00 pm (TBA)
    • Thursday:----2:00 pm (Baylor Tennis Courts)

  4. Campers not picked up at appropriate times will be required to return to the dorm with the rest of the camp. Therefore go to the assigned dorm to find your camper or call Jacqui and she will direct you.
  5. Day campers are required to check in and out with the designated day camper supervisor when arriving at and leaving camp.
  6. Day campers will receive their camp packet at the regular check out at the Baylor Tennis Center after the Thursday awards presentation.