Online Lecture FAQs

Online Lecture Common Questions and Information

• How do I attend online lectures?
  • Professors should post instructions in Canvas for how they want students to access live-online lectures.
  • Professors should also post information about recorded videos or lectures in Canvas.
• Should I take notes when watching live-online lectures or recorded videos?
  • Yes! Pretend that you are still attending class in-person.
  • Take notes while watching live or recorded lectures the same way you took notes in an in-person class.
• Should I read PowerPoints if a professor posts them on canvas?
  • Yes. The PowerPoints can help you figure out which topics, vocabulary, people, charts/diagrams, etc. are most important for each chapter.
  • This does not mean that you should only study the PowerPoint, but it will give you a starting place.
• How do I know what to read in an online class?
  • Check the syllabus for assigned chapter readings or additional articles posted in Canvas.
  • Check announcements page on Canvas.
  • If you have any question about assigned readings, contact your professor.