Study Strategies Instruction

Do you find yourself asking...
  • "Why is Baylor so much harder than I expected?" ...

  • "How can I get all this reading done?" ...

  • "Why am I getting behind and how do I catch up?" ... 

  • "Why don't I have time to do everything?" ...

  • "Why are my test grades so low?"

  • "How could I have made that grade? I studied all night."

Take steps to improve your learning strategies and reduce your stress!
The following courses can help you gain the tools you need to succeed in your coursework.


STL 1200

Strategic Learning builds on the experience and academic abilities a student already has and targets the practical tools, information, strategies, academic skill development, critical thinking skills, and self-knowledge necessary for succeeding academically and earning a Baylor degree.


STL 1101

STL 1101 Workshops
Each section of STL 1101 is a topical workshop for one elective hour of credit, graded on a Pass/Fail basis (does not calculate into the GPA). The 5- to 10-week workshops are scheduled throughout the semester. Check "Course Listings" for topics, meeting day and time, and start dates. Workshops vary each semester but typically include the following topics:
  • Independent Study
    Complete an individualized, self-selected topic stemming from areas of personal growth and development, career goals, or personal interest. 


  • Mentoring
    Meet weekly with a trained mentor who can provide encouragement as well as specific academic guidance for using effective study strategies and productive self-management skills.


Check Course Listings online for meeting times and starting dates.