Responsibilities of Participants

Participants are expected to engage actively in all research responsibilities and seminars from the opening orientation to the research report day at the conclusion of the program. Participants are also expected to adhere to all regulations of Baylor University regarding student conduct.
Participants are responsible for:

Purchase of one of the following meal plans:

  • The Works: 16 Meal Plan, $825
  • The Classic: 11 Meal Plan, $567
  • The Basic: 7 Meal Plan, $360
  • The Socialite: 5 Meal Plan, $258

Housing/Dorm Cost:

  • Northvillage, $960

Transportation to and from Waco, Texas

Regular school items (pencils, notebooks, etc.)

Incidentals (bedding, towels, toiletries, alarm clock, study lamp, etc.)

Spending money for student entertainment and recreation