Faculty/Staff SNR Link


Students may access the SNR form here.

We have seven reasons for leaving to select from. Please follow these examples as you determine which to select as the student’s primary reasons for leaving Baylor.

  1. Academic Environmental (ex., The academic program I am in is not what I expected; Baylor does not offer the major I am now interested in)
  2. Academic Personal (ex., My grades are not adequate to succeed at Baylor: I am not doing well enough academically to succeed in my desired major)
  3. Financial (ex., I cannot afford Baylor given the financial package I have; I cannot justify the amount of loans I will need to complete Baylor)
  4. Military (ex., I am in the Reserves and have been called to serve)
  5. Personal Health (ex., I’m suffering from severe depression and anxiety and I need to go home to get treated)
  6. Personal (ex., My grandfather was diagnosed with cancer and I need to spend time with him; My parents need me to come home in order to help with childcare; I have decided God wants me to devote my time to mission work for the foreseeable future)
  7. Social (ex., The climate on campus makes me feel uncomfortable; I don’t feel like I fit here; I don’t feel I have anyone on campus I can connect with)