CBE Policies

  • Grades are not given for credit earned by examination, nor is this credit used to calculate the Baylor grade point average.
  • Credits are entered on the student's permanent academic record after official enrollment unless the student waives credit.
  • Unsuccessful attempts to earn CBE will not be recorded on the student's academic record.
  • Credit may not be earned by examination in any course previously audited or for which a grade has been earned (this includes "W" grades).
  • The Academic Registration closing date is the last day a student is permitted to establish CBE for a course in which the student is enrolled.
  • CBE may be used to meet prerequisites for advanced courses.
  • Any prerequisite for a course must be satisfied prior to the examination in that course.
  • CBE satisfies degree requirements in the same way as credit earned by passing courses, but it does not apply to the sixty-hour residence requirement. There is no limit to the amount of credit that can be earned by examination.
  • CBE received elsewhere by students transferring to Baylor will be accepted only if the examinations and resulting scores meet Baylor's minimum requirements for receiving credit.
  • CBE will automatically be waived if the student takes the course for which CBE credit was earned.
  • CBE will not be granted in a lower level course once credit has been awarded, by classwork or examination, in a more advanced course.
  • To retake an examination after enrollment at Baylor, the student must wait at least three months and receive departmental approval.
  • Currently enrolled Baylor students must receive a petition to take credit by exam for a 3000- or 4000-level course during your last 30 hours.

Student Responsibilities

  • To list Baylor (code number 6032) as the score recipient on all College Board examinations.
  • To verify that any credit received is based on accurate test data and agrees with the information provided on this website.
  • To provide official supplementary test reports to the Testing Center if Baylor was not designated as the original score recipient.
  • To change the class schedule if credit is granted in a course for which a student has already registered.

To have your Advanced Placement (AP) scores sent to Baylor:

  • Call AP at 888-225-5427
  • Request your scores be sent to Baylor (College code #6032)

For more information on testing please contact the Testing Coordinator, Jana Marak:

Email: student_testing@baylor.edu
Office phone: 254-710-2061
Fax: 254-710-2062