AP Tests

The Advanced Placement (AP) examinations are offered once a year in May by participating high schools that offer college-level courses based on AP course descriptions. Check with your high school for registration deadlines and fees. Reports of AP examination results are mailed by The College Board in mid-July to institutions listed as recipients by students.

Students should list Baylor as the score recipient (Code 6032). If you did not list Baylor as the score recipient, please contact AP to have your scores sent to Baylor -- phone 888-225-5427.

Baylor offers credit as listed in the links below for each incoming class. No credit is allowed for scores below the required score noted. Note that the number of credit hours for each Baylor course is denoted by the second digit of the course number. Therefore, English 1302 is a 3-hour course, while Biology 1401 is a 4-hour course. Baylor's Credit by Exam policies are available at CBE Policies.

If an exam is not listed, then we do not offer credit for that exam.