Parking Availability Reduction - Robinson Tower

Dec. 12, 2012

On Monday a construction project is scheduled to begin that will involve substantial digging/trenching on the side of the tower opposite of I-35. This will block the pathway to the backside of the tower from that (west) side. Access to the Robinson tower garage and areas behind the tower will remain open through a pathway in front of the tower. Parking availability along the west side of the Baylor property will be reduced and parking on the second deck of the garage is recommended.

What: West side (opposite of I-35) pathway of Robinson Tower to be blocked.

Where: Lot #58 - Robinson Tower

When: Monday, December 17th until Monday, January 14th

Reason: Construction Project

Action: Please drive with caution through the detoured pathways

Please forward this message to others that may utilize this parking lot.

We realize and apologize for the inconvenience this reduction causes. We hope that you can understand the temporary reduction is due to ongoing necessary construction projects. At this time we ask that you help us distribute this information to others that might be affected, so that they are not surprised and can plan for a parking alternative.

For those with disabilities or that need special assistance with parking, please contact our office at or 710-PARK (7275).

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please help us distribute this information to others that may park in the area.

Matt Penney

Director of Parking & Transportation Services

Baylor University