Golden Wave Marching Band

Golden Wave Marching Band

At McLane Stadium

About 45 minutes before the game, the Baylor University Golden Wave Band will begin its procession to the stadium. Starting from the Allison Indoor Practice Facility (where the BUGWB can practice and prepare in air-conditioned comfort), the band will march through the student tailgating area, across the Umphrey Bridge and into McLane Stadium.

The Baylor Line and other students will fall in behind the band as they march, then a last convoy of fans will follow into the stadium.


For more than 100 years, the Golden Wave Band has been an integral part of Baylor University, but it was not until 1928 that new uniforms inspired its lasting name. That fall, under the direction of Everett McCracken, the Baylor Marching Band introduced its new golden uniforms at a Baylor-SMU football game. The next spring, the 43-member group made a tour of west Texas on behalf of the Greater Baylor Campaign. A reporter wrote that the band seemed to be sweeping across the land like a Golden Wave!