Parking and Relocation Guidelines

Parking and Relocation Guidelines

With the convenience and excitement of having an on-campus stadium comes necessary preparation to make gameday a success for fans. That preparation includes parking lot closures and vehicle relocations starting on the morning of Game Day at 2 a.m.

Student Parking Lot Closures:

Highers-Simpson - Saturday at 2:00 a.m.
Law School - Saturday at 2:00 a.m.

Other Parking Lot Closures:

Mayborn Museum

Violation of Parking and Relocation Guidelines:

It is an essential component of the gameday experience that students with vehicles in the Dutton Garage or Speight Garage relocate by the determined time. Any car remaining in a closed lot after the closure time is subject to citation and relocation. If your vehicle has to be relocated by a hired service, you will be required to pick up your vehicle and your student account will be subject to a fine through Parking and Transportation Services as follows:

  • First Violation: $50
  • Second Violation: $75
  • Third Violation: $100
  • Fourth: $125
  • Fifth: $150

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