New Football ticketing procedures are in effect for Fall 2021. Please review all of the information in the dropdown FAQs below.
Upper-class students: Please check your ticket account to make certain you can access it prior to ticket release days.
First-year students: Please make sure your ticket account is set up and ready to use prior to ticket release days. Also, please monitor your Baylor email account for important information about running the Baylor Line and sitting in the Baylor Line section.

We are only a few short weeks away from cheering on Coach Aranda and the Baylor football team for the 2021 season.  The student experience at McLane Stadium is one of the best in the country and we are excited to welcome back a full capacity student section. Your presence and your excitement make a huge difference in the game experience for other fans and for the team, so we have increased student seating by 20% to over 11,000 student tickets!  

Student Seating at McLane Stadium 

Baylor has three student seating areas at McLane Stadium for the 2021 season including the Baylor Line (first-year students), general admission student section above the Baylor Line (all students), and a new addition, the berm (all students).

Get Ready for Game Day

We wanted to pass along some important information as you prepare for the season and take your place in the Baylor Line.

Step 1:  Set Up Your Student Ticket Account

Step 2:  Mark Your Calendars for Every Tuesday of a Home Game week @ 4pm for the Weekly Ticket Lottery. There are seven home games this year, with the first on September 11. First-year students, please pay close attention to the Baylor Line 2021 Season section below.

Step 3:  Familiarize Yourself with Your Ticket Options

Step 4:  Get Ready for Game Day!

Baylor Line 2021 Season

First-year students will be assigned to one of the first three home games to run the Baylor Line. Preassigning these first three games will ensure every first-year student has a guaranteed opportunity to safely run the Line early in the season. Notification of game assignment for the first three games will be sent to students via email by Thursday, August 26. Run the Baylor Line tickets will automatically be assigned to your online ticket account. If you are a first-year student and were not assigned to run the Baylor Line in a specific week, but you would like to attend the game that week, you may log-on to your ticket account the Tuesday of the home game week to reserve one of the following: 

  • Sit in the Baylor Line Section Ticket: This ticket gives students the opportunity to be a part of the Baylor Line seating section in the weeks they do not run in the Baylor Line (first-year students only)
  • General Admission Student Section Ticket: Located above the Baylor Line (all students)
  • Berm Student Ticket: Grass area below the South scoreboard (all students)

Following the first three home games, all first-year students may place themselves in the ticket lottery every Tuesday prior to a home game to claim a 1) Baylor Line Ticket, 2) General Admission Student Section Ticket, or 3) Berm Student Ticket. 

We cannot wait to see you in the Line!  Sic’em Bears!




Football Tickets FAQs