Dean Certification Forms

When completing applications for graduate schools, professional schools, law schools, state board agencies, federal government positions, or when transferring to other schools, students may need a "Dean Certification Form" or similar form completed or a dean certification section completed on an application. Usually the information requested pertains to dates of attendance at Baylor, academic performance, and conduct violations. Student Conduct Administration coordinates the completion of these forms with the Office of the Registrar. Since these forms must go through several levels of approval, processing can take up to two weeks or more. Students should email the forms to

Requirements for completing the forms may vary from school to school or agency to agency. Be sure to read the instructions on each application carefully. Things to consider include:

  1. Students should submit their forms a month in advance of any deadlines so appropriate offices will have time to process the request prior to the deadline.

  2. If a student section appears on the form, be sure to complete that section, including your signature and the date, before submitting the form for processing.

  3. Provide your Baylor student ID number and contact information such as a phone number or e-mail address in case the Student Conduct Administration staff needs to contact you.

  4. If you are completing a "common college application," please complete an Enrollment/Degree Certification Form with the Registrar's Office to turn in along with the Common Application to our office. Be sure to check the **Disciplinary Records (**Student Conduct Administration) box along with all other pertinent information.

  5. Specify to which college or university the form should be emailed.

For additional information, please visit the Office of the Registrar's website regarding Enrollment/Degree Certification.


Updated 5-12-2022