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Bethany McCraw

Bethany McCraw

Associate Dean for Student Conduct Administration

Publication(s) and Article(s):
What Should We Stop Doing When It Comes To Student Mental Health Issues?, Student Affairs eNews, November 21, 2011
Changing a System to Change a Culture which focused on the benefit of forming key partnerships to take the message of academic integrity to the campus. Co-presented with Linda Cates, Director, Office of Academic Integrity. ASCA Texas Drive-In Conference, September 2013.

FERPA Student Discipline and Conduct, PaperClip Communications National Webinar, February 27, 2013. Co-presented with Chris Holmes, Associate General Counsel.

Integrity and Leadership, Christian Leadership Institute, Baylor University, June 23, 2011

Identifying and Responding to Students of Concern, Academic Leadership Seminar, Baylor University, June 30, 2011 and August 8 2011

Baylor Community Expectations, New Student Orientation, Baylor University, June 2011

Building Good Work Relationships, Workplace Orientation and Welcome, Baylor University, twice monthly.

Professional Expectations, Higher Education & Student Affairs Administration Graduate Apprentice Orientation, Baylor University, August 10, 2011

Navigating Roommate Conflict, Campus Living and Learning Training, Baylor University, August 11, 2011

Student Mental Health, Campus Living and Learning Training, Baylor University, August 12, 2011

Graduate Student Professional Expectations, Graduate School, Baylor University, August 17, 2011

Academic Integrity Update, School of Engineering and Computer Science Faculty, Baylor University, October 28, 2011

Managing Difficult Cases: The Intersection of Legal, Ethical, Clinical, and Risk Reduction, NASPA Mental Health Conference and Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention and Intervention Conference, January 2012. Co-presented with Martha Lou Scott, Jim Marsh, and Chris Holmes

Strategic Partnerships in Creating a Culture of Academic Integrity, ASCA Annual Conference, February 2012. Co-presented with Linda Cates

Documentation: Legal Implications & Critical Issues Campuses Should Consider, Paperclip Communications National Webinar, April 12, 2012. Co-presented with Chris Holmes

On Being a Christian Leader, Christian Leadership Institute, Baylor University, June 30, 2012