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The Union Board equipment rental program provides Baylor students the opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time in community.


Students have 24 hours to use rental items with a valid Baylor ID. If items are not returned within 7 days of the checkout time, you will be expected to pay full cost to replace the item.

Students will be able to check out equipment items from the UB Room (1st Floor Barbershop) Monday-Friday from 12pm-5pm or they can tweet us @BaylorUB and a representative will meet them at the room.


If the Union Board Room is closed, please turn in your items to the SUB Operations Office, located on the 2nd Floor, Rm. 207

Monday - Thursday 7am-12am
Friday 7am-1am
Saturday 9am-1am
Sunday 2pm-11pm

Please email for any questions or concerns.


Hammocks | Qty. 6

Frisbees | Qty. 3

Bocce Ball Set | Qty. 1

Campus Golf Club w/ Tennis Balls | Qty. 3

Football | Qty. 1

Soccerball | Qty. 2

Volleyball | Qty. 2