Debit and Credit Card Transactions

Student organizations are responsible for their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and the safeguarding of cardholder information when processing credit card transactions.  Compliance with PCI DSS is required of all entities that take credit card payments.  Organizations should become familiar with credit card security requirements, and members should be educated before accepting payments.  Vendors and service providers should be vetted to reduce risk and ensure compliance.

Organizations are prohibited from using University resources (e.g. computers, wireless networks) to process payments from cardholders.  Each organization’s officers and advisor(s) must acknowledge responsibility for compliance with this policy when requesting permission to transact business through the Solicitation Request form within the online Connect system.

Promotional materials must clearly state that transactions are conducted with the student organization, not Baylor University. 

  • For online transactions, the following statement must be clearly published on the payment page: “You are conducting a transaction with [Name of Organization], not Baylor University.”
  • For in-person transactions conducted on the Baylor campus, a sign must be checked out from Student Activities and prominently displayed.  The sign will include a front-facing transaction disclaimer and rear-facing compliance instructions for operators.