Minor Infractions

The Department of Student Activities is charged with the responsibility to ensure student organization compliance with University policies and procedures as presented in this document. The Department of Student Activities, therefore, has the right and responsibility to investigate infractions and violations by student organizations and their members. In all investigative measures, student organizations should be prepared to list the names of all individuals involved, and be aware that the University reserves the right to proceed with an individual disciplinary action by referring individual students for processing under the Student Conduct Code. Major violations (i.e., alcohol violations, hazing, etc.) may be investigated and pursued by the Student Organization Judicial Board. Minor infractions (i.e., failure to register an event, lack of approval on postings or t-shirts, etc.) will be investigated exclusively by the Department of Student Activities. Minor infractions may result in loss of organizational privileges or other sanctions as deemed appropriate by the Director for Student Activities.

Multiple minor infractions committed by an organization within one academic year (fall and spring semester) may result in the organization being referred to the Student Organization Judicial Board for suspension or expulsion. The Department of Student Activities reserves the right to revoke organization privileges should demonstrated organizational behavior warrant such action. Record of minor infractions will be maintained for no less than four semesters by the Department of Student Activities.

The Department of Student Activities reserves the right to appropriate sanctions as necessary. Student organizations demonstrating extreme negative or inappropriate behavior may be referred directly to the Student Organization Judicial Board for appropriate sanctioning.

Organizations wishing to appeal sanctions for minor infractions may do so in writing and must submit their appeal directly to the Dean for Student Learning and Engagement for review.