Fundraisers and Bake Sales

In order to help students raise funds for student organizations, suggestions are offered to help facilitate the use of Baylor Dining Services on campus.

For health safety, foods for fundraising events will meet the following standards:

  • Shelf stable product (cookies, brownies, candy, popcorn)
  • Not be a refrigerated item
  • Be served with proper utensils or individually wrapped items
  • Approved through Baylor Dining Services
  • Request submitted at least two days prior to event

It is an expectation that ingredients are to be posted on the packaging, and the Department of Student Activities preference is for items to be store-bought or commercially-produced. Additionally, if homemade goods are sold, then identification of the ingredients for food allergies need to be posted at the point of sale, along with information stating whether or not the food was prepared in a commercial facility.

All bake sales must be approved by Baylor Dining Services, in conjunction with the Sales and Solicitation Committee, through the Online Event Registration form within the Connect system (