General Chalking Guidelines

Chalking is permitted for recognized student organizations as a method of on-campus publicity. Organizations desiring to publicize an event or activity through chalking should indicate the intent to chalk in the marketing section of the relevant online Event Registration form. All campus chalking should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All chalking must include the name of the sponsoring organization. Unidentified chalking may be removed.
  • Place messages on Baylor sidewalks and streets by writing with white chalk once approved. Colored chalk is not permitted. Violators will be billed for damages caused by colored chalk stains.
  • Chalking on walls, steps, or sides of any building is not permitted.
  • Spray chalk may not be used under any circumstances.
  • Chalking is strictly prohibited in areas that are protected from rain including, but not limited to, the Brooks arch, the Baylor Sciences Building (BSB) Towers, and the steps and walks supporting the BSB plaza and fountains and patio.
  • Organizations may begin chalking no more than seven days prior to a scheduled event.