Speakers for On-Campus Events

  • Speakers invited to the campus for any purpose, including speaking engagements at closed meetings or events open exclusively to an organization’s membership, by any person or group of persons should be selected on the basis of their contribution to the overall education purpose of the University.
  • Baylor has no obligation to provide a forum on its campus for speakers invited by student organizations. Particular concern should be taken that the University not be politicized.
  • The views expressed by the speaker are the speaker’s own and do not necessarily represent the views of Baylor University.
  • Speakers whose purposes and methods are contrary to the purposes and methods of Baylor University should not be invited.
  • The use of profanity will not be tolerated.
  • It is recognized that there will be no question as to the acceptability of most speakers who come to the University each year. In questionable cases those planning to invite a speaker will consult with the Vice President for Student Life or his designate, who shall be the final judge of such matters. The responsibility for proper clearance shall be upon the inviting student or students, and disregard of such responsibility will be grounds for University disciplinary action.

An organization must submit the online Event Registration form to the Department of Student Activities to have the activity approved. Include in the notes box that a Speaker Approval Request form will also be submitted for approval. (Please remember that the event may not be approved until the Speaker Approval Request form and accompanying rider has been approved.)