Trademarks and Copyrights for T-Shirts and Other Products

Student organizations desiring to sell or distribute t-shirts or other products on campus are first required to obtain written approval through the Department of Student Activities. Permission to sell products may be given to student organizations that adhere to the following policy and complete the request form.

Licensing approval for the use of registered Baylor marks on any product for sale or distribution by student organizations will be subject to the following restrictions and requirements:

  • Written approval is expected to be obtained through the Department of Student Activities prior to submission to Collegiate Licensing by Student Activities.
  • Written approval will be sent from the online product approval process by the Office of Collegiate Licensing and is required for the production of any product using registered Baylor marks.
  • Production or purchase of any any item using Baylor’s trademark property or any item made to seem like a Baylor product requires the use of a company licensed with Baylor University.  A list of licensed screen printers and embroiderers is available online: .
  • Use of the name (or letters) of the student organization displayed on the product is expected.
  • Distribution of the product is generally restricted to sell only to their members and dates for a particular function. Based on the event and the campus-wide impact, exceptions can be made for the sponsors of events such as Homecoming, Family Weekend, Diadeloso, Bearathon, Christmas Tree Lighting, or similar events.
  • Use of Baylor marks on the products must be confined to the standard registered marks. Such marks can be incorporated into a custom design on the product with appropriate approval from the Office of Collegiate Licensing. Marks to be used should not closely mimic official Baylor marks or representations that will create confusion as to the origin of the design.
  • Use of any individual athlete, athletic squad, athletic team, or athletic event that the University participates in as a competitive representative of the Big 12 Conference under NCAA rules and regulations is prohibited.
  • Use of products produced for student organizations containing or including any registered Baylor marks to be worn by the members and their dates for a specific function will not be subject to any royalty. All products containing or including any registered Baylor marks produced for resale to the general public by student organizations will be subject to a 5% royalty of the gross sales price of the licensed product sold by the licensee to the student organization. The appropriate royalty will be collected from the Baylor licensee by the Office of Collegiate Licensing on a quarterly basis.
  • Compliance with Baylor University Guidelines for Product/Art Approval will apply to all student organizations. For more information go to