T-Shirts and Other Products

Permission to sell or distribute products may be given to student organizations that adhere to the following policy and complete the request form:

  • Student organizations may receive permission to sell or distribute t-shirts by completing the Online Student Organization T-shirt and Other Product Request. Requirements for t-shirt approval include:
  • Digital sketch of the shirt design. Hand-drawn sketches will not be accepted.
  • Approval from Collegiate Licensing if designs include the Baylor name and/or trademarks.
  • Approval from the Sales and Solicitation Committee if the t-shirt is being sold to anyone outside the sponsoring organization. The Solicitation Request form can be found through the online Event Registration Form and is required to be submitted for approval.
  • All aforementioned processes will be handled by the Department of Student Activities after completion of the Online Student Organization T-shirt and Other Product Request. Student Organizations are not responsible for seeking permissions from Collegiate Licensing nor the Sales and Solicitation Committee.