The following guidelines are used in reference to legal contracts to secure the services of performing artists, vendors, and/or entertainment supplies (i.e., inflatables, Ferris wheels, sound equipment, etc.). Organizations signing contracts do so in their own name – not in the name of Baylor University.

Guidelines for Consideration in a Contract Review

  • Hold Harmless Agreements: Contracts including hold-harmless agreements often put the liability for accidents, damage, or injury onto the student organization hosting the event, often times even if the accident or the damage is caused by the other party. If the vendor will not remove this section, you may ask the vendor to add an additional section requiring the vendor to hold Baylor harmless for our acts of negligence. You may want to remove this and/or purchase additional insurance to cover any potential issues.
  • Cancellation Clauses: Cancellation clauses often include weather related issues, illness of the performer, or other unforeseen circumstances. Pay particular attention to clauses that allow the vendor to cancel without penalty, reimbursement, or just cause. A band that fails to show up for the night of your dance but agrees to come a week later may not be of much value to your organization.
  • Insurance Requirements: Baylor requires vendors to have $1 million liability and $2 million in aggregate insurance and that Baylor University be named as an additional insured. If your contract does not require this and you expect the vendor to perform their services on Baylor University’s campus, please include this in your contract. Be sure to read the insurance requirements of all your contracts to make sure your organization is purchasing any insurance you are required to have in place.