Official Catering Policy

Baylor University, in partnership with Baylor Dining Services, has extended the catering options on campus to include off-campus and on-campus vendors. Although Baylor Dining Services still remains the preferred provider of all food and beverage for the campus community and is still recommended for any catering function or affair on campus, approved off-campus caterers may be used as described in this policy.

  • Baylor’s Procurement and Payment Services maintains on its website a list of University approved off-campus caterers. Visit and select the 'Approved Caterers' button for this information.
  • Student organizations wishing to utilize an unapproved off-campus caterer or service provider may submit an Exception to Event Request Guidelines form in Connect to request consideration three weeks in advance of the event. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis, and require vendor certifications (a certificate of insurance, W-9).
  • Off-campus caterers will not be authorized to use production facilities, kitchens, or pantries furnished and/or managed by Baylor Dining Services. Those facilities are:
    • Bill Daniel Student Center (1st floor kitchen, 2nd floor production facility)
    • Brooks, Memorial, East Village Dining Commons, and Penland Residential Dining Facilities
    • McMullen-Connally Faculty Center, Mayborn Museum, and Truett Seminary
  • Student organizations using off-campus caterers are responsible to ensure compliance for the following:
    • Baylor University PepsiCo Beverage contract
    • Not using production facilities, kitchens, or pantries furnished and/or managed by Baylor Dining Services (see the Information about Off Campus Caterers section for specific locations)
    • Baylor’s Campus Solicitation Policy
    • Proper clean-up and disposal of trash, etc. from the event. The sponsoring student organizations will be charged housekeeping fees if the facility is not properly cleaned up by the off-campus caterer
    • Not selling, serving, or offering alcoholic beverages on campus
    • Facility where their event is being held will allow off campus caterers to cater events
    • Notifying the appropriate campus units for the following services (if applicable):
      • Facility lock and unlock
      • Table and chair order and setup/breakdown
      • Audio/visual services and equipment
      • HVAC services