Food Service Policy

By contract, Baylor Dining Services shall provide, or provide and serve, all food items on the Baylor campus. Student organizations are not allowed to sell or distribute any food items on the campus unless special written permission has been granted by the Director of Baylor Dining Services.

If serving food at a public event, please know that the Waco-McLennan County Public Health guidelines for food/beverage handling must be followed since non-members are participating. To comply with these guidelines you may serve pre-packaged food or drink, or provide food or drink supplied by an approved caterer. Event planners cooking and serving their own food need to apply for a Food Establishment Permit Application with the City of Waco (254-750-5464) and identify all ingredients for food allergies and post this listing at the point of sale, along with information stating whether or not the food was prepared in a commercial facility.