Expectations for Events Involving Expressive Activity

Baylor University and its Department of Student Activities values open dialogue and the exchange of ideas in a manner that is consistent with the University’s mission for the purposes of education. Within this context, a recognized student organization may engage in expressive activity as long as the activity maintains the dignity of and is consistent with the mission of the University and does not infringe on the rights of others. Additionally, any recognized student organization planning to engage in expressive activity must adhere to the spirit of these expectations:

  • Student organization expressive activity must be registered with the Department of Student Activities through the online Event Registration form within the Connect system 24 hours in advance and follow all guidelines as requested by Student Activities in the event approval notice. The Senior Director of Student Activities, or his/her designee, will serve to coordinate university resources to support the event in accordance with university protocol.
  • Only members of the Baylor University community may organize, lead, or participate in expressive activity on campus; therefore, students, faculty members, and staff are encouraged to have their Baylor University ID card in their possession to verify their ability to participate.
  • Activities must not violate local, state, or federal laws, or university policy and activities must not disrupt Baylor University functions or impede access to or use of campus facilities. Similarly, chanting or sustained, repeated noise which substantially interferes with communication during a planned activity is not permitted.
  • Participants may not employ amplified sound in their activities in order to avoid significant disruption of university functions.
  • Participants are prohibited from using open flames/torches.
  • Masks designed to protect or prevent the spread of Covid-19 may be worn at expressive activities. Masks may cover nose and mouth consistent with policies encouraged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention but they may not cover the entire face or limit University officials from identifying the participant.
  • Signage, leaflets, or other distributable or displayable materials will be reviewed prior to expressive activity for approval. Signage should be constructed of soft materials such as cardboard or cloth and should not be attached to rigid sticks or poles. Disclaimer at the front of virtual expressive activities to acknowledge the institutions place in the expression of opinions by student organizations.
  • The University reserves the right to control time, place, message, and manner of the expressive activity. Activities are encouraged to be planned outside with social distancing guidelines in mind.
  • Commercial activity is outside the scope of expressive activity and must adhere to established solicitation policies.
  • The Department of Student Activities and/or designated university personnel may intervene as appropriate for violations through expressive activity.