Expectations for Student Organization Service and/or Mission Trips

Student organizations wishing to provide a mission and/or service trip (either domestic or international) opportunity to their members should follow these guidelines:

  • For international mission/service trips:
    • Coordinate all ministry efforts and mission trip objectives with the Department of Spiritual Life and the Director for Missions
    • A full-time faculty or staff member must commit to serve as director for the trip
    • Following approval by the Director for Missions, a trip proposal must be submitted to the Center for Global Engagement (www.baylor.edu/globalengagement) no later than six months prior to departure.
    • The full-time faculty or staff member appointed as director for the trip must complete a formal training experience, provided by the Department of Spiritual Life. Please note that international mission/service trips will not be approved until the director completes the training experience.
    • All team members are required to attend an orientation provided by BU Missions prior to departure.
    • Submit an online Event Registration form through the student organization Connect portal for the trip no less than three months prior to the departure date
    • Comply with all policies and procedures as set by Missions & Public Life, Center for Global Engagement and University Compliance and Risk Services.
  • For domestic (continental U.S.) mission/service trips:
    • Organizations traveling for service and/or mission experiences over official University holidays (i.e., spring break, Christmas break, fall break, etc.) are required to submit information pertinent to the trip including, but not limited to:
      • Overview of service/tasks to be completed
      • Overnight accommodations (including contact information)
      • Emergency contact information for individuals leading trip
      • List of participants
      • Additional information may be requested in order to aid the Department of Student Activities. The organization is expected to comply with all requests in a timely manner.
    • Please note that mission/service trips are exempt from University travel policy. In lieu of University travel policy, the Associate Director of Student Involvement will work with the organization to determine the appropriate method of travel and any other considerations as necessary and appropriate.