Expectations for Off-Campus Events

  • Prior to approval, an off-campus facility is to be identified and a non-binding hold placed for the function. Venues where alcohol or other Baylor-prohibited activities are the main attraction may not be approved.
  • A full-time student organization advisor must attend all off-campus events.
  • If an advisor is unable to attend any or all of the event, it is the responsibility of the student organization leadership to secure an approved Substitute Advisor to attend the off-campus event.  A Substitute Advisor must receive approval by the organization’s advisor and the Associate Director for Student Involvement, or his/her designee, and fully complete all appropriate training as required by the Department of Student Activities, including but not limited to risk management training.
  • Private residences may not be used for off-campus activities/events. However, the residence of the full-time faculty/staff advisor may be used if the advisor is present throughout the activity/event.
  • The Department of Student Activities reserves the right to reject any off-campus event.