Approval for an Organization Event

  • Events may not be scheduled more than one calendar year in advance.
  • Every event, including weekly meetings, new member activities, and off-campus or out-of-town events, must be submitted for approval to the Department of Student Activities through the online Event Registration form within the Connect system ( at least one week in advance. Anything submitted less than 72 hours before an event may not be approved.
  • Event requests involving contracts, insurance requirements, outside businesses or agencies, non-Baylor participants, a large number of participants, multiple Baylor resources and/or departments, or other complex activities, or if the event is out-of-town or overnight, approval is to be requested one month in advance. Events with the aforementioned characteristics may require additional review and approvals from additional university personnel and, based on the event review process, a student organization advisor may be required to be in attendance throughout the duration of the event.
  • Event approval may only be given by Student Activities staff members after an Event Request has received the approval of one of the organization’s full-time advisors.