Definition of Student Organizational Activities and University-Related Activities

The Department of Student Activities recognizes events and activities that meet any or all of the following criteria as being student organizational activities which includes, but not limited to, events or activities:

  • Paid for by student organizational funds
  • Either approved by or required to be approved by the Department of Student Activities via the online Event Registration form
  • Using the Baylor University name, organization name, or trademarks in the event or activity name, advertising, and/or marketing
  • Serving as recruitment activities for the student organization
  • Publicize using chapter resources, including but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Listserves, announcements in meetings, and/or websites

Student organizational events and activities meeting the above criteria must be in compliance with University and Department of Student Activities policies and procedures. Please note that events and activities that may not meet the above criteria may be considered a “University-related activity.” As such, those events and activities that may be considered “University-related activities” may still be the responsibility of the student organization as outlined below.

Baylor defines a "University-related activity" as any activity sponsored by the University or by any organization recognized by the University. 

The degree to which an organization is responsible for the activity of its members is not necessarily dependent upon the number of members engaging in the activity but depends upon whether the activity is related to the organization as described in the two categories listed below. Student organizations may be held responsible for the acts of individual members when:

  • The acts grow out of, or are directly related to, the student organization's activities or an environment created or knowingly permitted by the organization; or
  • A member of an organization is violating local, state, or federal law or University regulations; and other members present, by failing to discourage such activity, tacitly condone the behavior. In addition to the organization being held responsible, members and officers may also be held responsible as individuals for their roles in any violation of University policy