New Member Procedures

Baylor University policies supersede policies set forth by national headquarters or sponsoring entities for all organizations. An exception may be made in circumstances in which the national or sponsoring entity policies are more stringent than, but do not conflict with, Baylor policies.

Non-Pledging Organizations

Non-pledging student organizations which do not require rush events or activities for membership must submit an online roster and include the names of new members to the Department of Student Activities each semester. New members must meet minimum requirements as specified in the appropriate organization’s recognized constitution and/or by-laws and those requirements established by the Department of Student Activities.

Organizations Participating in a Recruitment Process (Pledging)

New member education program proposals must be on file in the Department of Student Activities no less than four weeks prior to implementation. Changes to the organization’s new member education program must be submitted no less than seven working days prior to the first new member event. An updated, comprehensive calendar of new member events and activities must be submitted no less than seven working days prior to the first new member event. No student organization shall make any requirement of any new member which is not listed in the statement filed.

Exception for Non-Intensive New Member Education and Deferred Recruitment

Student organizations with new member education programs meeting all of the following criteria are not considered an intensive pledging or new member education process:

  • Collective new member education requirements and activities (formal and informal) do not surpass five hours each week
  • The new member education program is primarily educational in focus
  • The student organization has not been found responsible for hazing or conduct violations associated with their new member education program within the past three years
  • The Department of Student Activities has provided formal approval for the organization to recruit first-semester students for a non-intensive new member education program for that semester

If the above conditions are met as determined by the Department of Student Activities, then a deferred recruitment philosophy for first-year students does not apply and first-semester students may participate in the organization’s non-intensive new member education program.