Involvement by Non-Baylor Students, Faculty, or Staff

Under limited circumstances the Department of Student Activities, in consultation with a given student organization, may determine that outside involvement by members of the extended Waco community (i.e., those not already serving in official advising capacities) will serve to enhance Baylor’s mission and the mission of the student organization. by the Department of Student Activities and comply with any conditions specified by the department including, but not limited to, signing an ‘External Advisor Expectations’ agreement form and/or release forms, acknowledgement of Baylor student organization policies and procedures, and full completion of all of the appropriate training as required by the Department of Student Activities.

Under no circumstances may an outside individual be an officer, voting member, or have any other membership status/authority within the organization as Baylor student organizations are to be run/governed by Baylor students only. The Department of Student Activities will hold the student organization responsible for all conduct occurring at its meetings or events, whether by members or outside individuals.

Outside individuals are expected to adhere to all University policies and procedures, and are not to perform roles designated for student organization advisors. The Department of Student Activities may remove any outside individual for behavior that does not align with the mission of the University or the organization.