The Role of an Advisor

The student organization advisor’s role is as follows:

  • To provide guidance for understanding Baylor University policies and procedures and to provide leadership for the adherence to those rules by the organization.
  • To review and approve requests for organization events, activities, and policy exceptions.
  • To act as a consultant in the areas of setting goals, problem solving, policy making, and upholding guidelines and purposes. This includes attendance at organization and officer meetings as deemed appropriate.
  • To attend, as the University representative, all off-campus and overnight activities providing guidance and support and assuming leadership in the event of an emergency. In cases where an event is not for the entire membership (such as small service projects, delegations to meetings, etc.), the advisor may use discretion about whether or not advisor attendance is required.

An "Advisor Expectations and Support Agreement" form will be included as an addendum to the policy guide for all student organization advisors to sign at the outset of their initial term of service or every three years of service that summarizes the advisor role and outlines expectations of and support of advisors in a manner consistent with current policy practice. The Department of Student Activities will verify all advisors' qualifications to serve in this capacity prior to conferring official advisor status for a student organization.