Student organizations are required to have a minimum of one full-time staff or faculty member employed at the University serving as an advisor. Due to Fair Labor Standards Act regulation, nonexempt employees (defined as recording work hours and paid on an hourly basis), cannot serve in a voluntary capacity as a student organization advisor. That is, as a full-time, non-exempt employee, all hours dedicated to this student organization advisor role will be considered as paid-time, including overtime and will be recorded for these purposes within the employee’s departmental budget. As such, written approval from the direct supervisor is required to be provided to the Department of Student Activities prior to serving in this capacity.

Graduate apprentices/assistants who have fully completed all undergraduate requirements and who work within a university department that has a formal relationship with a specific student organization may also may serve as secondary advisors if one full-time employee (staff or faculty) is the primary advisor of record and the graduate apprentice supervisor approves. A graduate apprentice/assistant may not serve as the only (or primary) advisor to any student organization. Graduate students may not approve online event registration requests, student organization rosters, or t-shirt or product requests, etc. for student organizations. Graduate apprentices/assistants may attend off-campus and overnight events as a representative of the University pending approval and completion of the appropriate training as delivered by the Department of Student Activities. Further, graduate students may participate as either student members of a student organization or as a secondary advisor but not both at the same time.