Inactive Member Status Based on Academic Performance

The Department of Student Activities will notify organization advisors of the names of all individuals within the organization who have been declared inactive members in based on their academic performance. Students' grade point averages will not be disclosed due to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Students who have been declared inactive members based on their academic performance have the following restrictions placed upon them.

Inactive members may not:

  • Vote for new members, officers, or other business of the organization;
  • Represent the organization in any manner, including:
    • Serving as an elected or selected officer;
    • Participating in intramurals, sport events, or competitions; or
    • Participating in campus-wide events including SING/Pigskin, Homecoming, etc;
  • Participate in social activities of the organization except during formal rush activities.

Inactive members may:

  • Participate in up to, but may not exceed, two hours per week for service activities or general meetings related to the organization, including practices, work-outs, rehearsals, etc.
  • Pay membership dues according to the policies of the organization. Organizations with scholastic committees/officers may make reasonable restrictions or offer special study skill assistance in addition to the restrictions listed above.