Academic Eligibility

For membership in a student organization, students must have and maintain a cumulative minimum grade point average of 2.33 and a current minimum grade point average of 2.00 in order to maintain active membership. In order to hold a leadership position in an organization, a student must have and maintain a cumulative minimum grade point average of 2.67 and a current minimum grade point average of 2.00. Leadership positions include any and all membership roles in an organization (executive officers, minor officers, committee chairs, etc.). The Department of Student Activities reserves the right to consider extenuating circumstances when making final decisions regarding eligibility. Students may appeal their eligibility status by submitting an Academic Eligibility Appeal form to the Department of Student Activities in the Bill Daniel Student Center. Academic eligibility reviews will be conducted by the Department of Student Activities. Please allow up to five working days for the results of the review. For additional questions regarding academic eligibility for student organization participation, individuals may contact the Department of Student Activities.

Student organizations may have higher academic standards than Baylor’s. Such student organizational academic eligibility expectations for active membership should be outlined in their approved constitutions and/or bylaws. Once enrolled at Baylor, students will be evaluated on official Baylor transcripts in order to determine eligibility for active membership.

Membership status GPA
Leadership Eligible

Cumulative 2.67 or higher and Current 2.00 or higher


Cumulative 2.33 or higher and Current 2.00 or higher


Cumulative 2.329 or lower or Current 1.99 or lower

Students are not eligible to affiliate with a local or national collegiate social sorority or fraternity unless the organization is recognized by the University and adheres to University policies. The University will not recognize a local chapter of any organization that includes students from other schools.

Eligibility for participation in intercollegiate athletics is governed by the Big 12 Conference and National Collegiate Athletic Association regulations and not by the preceding requirements.