Organizational Expectations

Student organizations may operate after they are officially chartered with Baylor University. Student organizations are expected to renew their Connect page annually with the Department of Student Activities, operate within their stated mission, and abide by all University policies governing student organizations. Failure to adhere to recognition policies and/or guidelines may result in the loss of privileges and/or loss of University recognition. This decision is vested with the Vice President for Student Life. To maintain its official university recognition, a student organization must:

  • Provide a current roster of officers and members to the Department of Student Activities by September 15 of each fall semester and February 1 of each spring semester. Roster information must be updated by renewing the organization’s portal profile in the Connect online management system and by updating the People tab of the organization’s Connect portal throughout the academic year whenever the membership or officers change.
    • Organizations that do not renew their Connect portal profiles for two consecutive semesters will be declared inactive by the Department of Student Activities.
    • Organizations with less than five members after roster submission date will enter into the Department of Student Activities at-risk protocol and meet with a Student Involvement Specialist for a developmental conversation regarding membership figures. Student organizations which do not participate in at-risk protocol and/or are not attempting to contribute to overall student involvement will be declared inactive.
  • Provide a current student organization constitution and/or bylaws;
  • Recruit and retain at least one full-time faculty or staff member who advises the organization and attends off-campus meetings and social functions. Graduate students may serve as secondary advisors (see advisor under Student Organization Membership and Structure).
  • Submit all events for approval, including regular scheduled meetings, through Connect to the Department of Student Activities in compliance with established calendar requirements.
  • Provide at least one executive officer to participate in all mandatory student organization meetings as instructed by the Department of Student Activities.
  • Maintain compliance with the state-mandated risk management training requirement.
  • Provide at least one officer to attend additional trainings as required by the Department of Student Activities.