Voluntary Inactive Status and Reactivation Process

An organization may, at any time, choose to become inactive while not dissolving the official charter of the organization. The organization president and advisor must notify the Department of Student Activities of the desire to become inactive, at which point all official functions of the organization will cease. Organizations may also be declared inactive by Student Activities for failure to comply with organizational expectations.

At any time, an inactive organization may seek to reactivate under the original charter. Organizations that remain inactive for less than two years may gain active status by reaching compliance with Student Activities’ organizational expectations. Organizations that remain inactive from two to five years must complete the reactivation process to regain active status. This process requires an initial meeting with Student Activities, followed by submission of the appropriate materials to reactivate the existing charter:

  • Application for Organization Recognition
  • Roster Form
  • Constitution or By-Laws

After completing all requirements of the reactivation process, including approval by the Director of Student Activities and completion of the charter workshop series and/or the Student Organization Summit, the organization may begin operating and meeting. 

Organizations that remain inactive for more than five years must be re-chartered by the University.